Moisture control is very important in industries such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Cold Storage, Garment, Tobacco, etc. Our desiccant dehumidifiers make sure that you get the RH you want in any season. We specialize in customizing moisture control needs for our customers.
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Fabric Duct

Fabric Ducting is the modern ducting solution. One of the major problems of conventional ducting such as GI is condensation. In places such as Yangon, condensation takes place frequently. Fabric Ducting assures no condensation and is cheaper than GI or pre insulated ducting.
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Energy Recovery

EcoFresh Energy Recovery Wheel recovers sensible (temperature) and latent (moisture) load of fresh air. This controls humidity as well as saves energy cost for commercial applications such as malls, offices, hotels, etc. Use Fresh air – use energy recovery to save cost.

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